Primary Spanish – El camino de la escuela

A Mexican pupil describes his journey to school, for KS2 Spanish Kiabet lives in Cosoleacaque, Veracruz in Mexico. Every day he walks to school with his mother, sister and brother. He explains the route he takes to his friend Jose Carlos.

Narrated by Kiabet, the film is a step-by-step description of his journey from home to school, giving each left and right turn he takes when he crosses the road, and pointing out the things he passes on the way, such as the fruit stall.

This lesson starter relates to the language and themes explored in Unit 15 of the QCDA scheme of work for KS2 Spanish.

Shot on location in southern Veracruz, Mexico, the video offers opportunities to develop language skills and intercultural understanding.

There are detailed accompanying teaching notes.

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