Primary Science: Forces and Motion Activities

Ideas for teaching forces and motion for KS1and KS2 pupils There are four great lesson ideas in the programme presented by teachers from across the country. Year 2 teacher Jess Scott explains how to teach about pushes and pulls by inspiring her class to model a Big Bad Wolf. They are set to work in pairs, one describing which forces they are using as the other models. Is a pinch a push or a pull? Jess shares her tips for recording results and assessing.
Deputy Tony Davies explains an intriguing way to introduce friction: the ‘jelly chopsticks’ race with added cooking oil! Year 5 teacher Kate Mottram sets her class the challenge of investigating which track will be best for their rocket balloons to fly down. She explains how this is a great way to teach about forces, friction and fair testing. The programme ends with a cracking idea from David Aston using paper helicopters. Each of the ideas includes an online lesson plan and lots of resources for viewers.

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