Primary RE – Being Reflective

A KS1 RE lesson teaches pupils how to be reflective KS1 children at Wolsey House Primary in Leicester are learning to be reflective. They start by looking at some of teacher Michelle Green’s holiday photos – places that Michelle finds help her to be calm, and think. They then hear the story of Siddartha and the Swan as part of an RE lesson. Dressed in her storytelling cloak, Michelle uses a box of props to help her children understand the moral and spiritual dimensions of this religious story. The lesson is taught outside, as it is about finding a reflective space, and where better to think than under a tree or in a willow tunnel.

Michelle uses an open-ended questioning technique which she describes as ‘I wonder’ questions, giving the children plenty of opportunity to reflect, and being careful to demonstrate that in RE there is rarely only one correct answer. Michelle concludes her lesson by asking the children to think of some wise words, or rules, that they would display in a reflective space.

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