Primary Maths

Perfect Pairs and CensusAtSchool for primary maths Each week, Resource Review experts recommend top resources which are put to the test, giving teachers the ability to make informed decisions regarding the most effective resources ranging from the best publications to the most applicable pieces of software.

Wendy Fortescue Hubbard, member of the Royal Institution Advisory Group, introduces three new resources for teaching primary maths: ‘Perfect Pairs’, a new maths game, the free ‘Census at School’ website, and ‘The Negator’ from Sum Dials Ltd.

Products are tested by Deputy Head Jan Staff at Bawburgh Primary School in Norwich to see how they fare in the classroom.

Presenter Hermione Cockburn discusses the resources with expert Wendy Fortescue Hubbard and the Resource Review Panel featuring Professor David Burghes from the School of Mathematics Education, and Adrienne Jones, a freelance education consultant.

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