Primary Languages – Speak to the World

A language specialist gives her support to a primary school Soon all primary schools will be required to introduce a primary language to their curriculum. St Michael’s Primary, Wolverhampton has taken the approach of teaming up with its local secondary school, Colton Hills Community School & Specialist Language College, who provide the support of a language specialist, Patricia Whitbread. Patricia, as well as teaching the pupils, supports and teaches Monica Mason the Year 3 / 4 class teacher, building her language skills in order for Monica to eventually take the class by herself. Patricia has also introduced a multilingual approach to the school, introducing and teaching elements of five languages.

We follow the class through a Spanish lesson looking at describing yourself, including song and dance, a language challenge, micro-teaching and group work. Craig Griffiths the school’s language co-ordinator, Patricia and Monica talk about the teaching styles and techniques used, as well as the reasoning behind a multilingual approach.

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