Primary ICT – Natural Connections

An ICT teacher observes teaching techniques at a Finnish school Marianne Bollström-Huttunen has a full day ahead. Her class of 9 year olds are preparing for a nature walk. She has invited Ophelia Vanderpuye to Finland to show her how academic research from the University of Helsinki has changed the way she teaches. ‘I’ve been teaching 37 years. In the beginning nobody was allowed to move, but now I can say ‘help your fellows’, she tells Ophelia.
Ophelia is an ICT teacher from London & spends 3 days a week helping other schools incorporate IT in their classrooms. At Laajasalo Primary School, near Helsinki Ophelia finds that Marianne’s class is studying native birds. ‘It’s not an ICT class,’ observes Ophelia, ‘It’s integrated into another subject. I think we are working towards that kind of set-up in London.’ At the end of the day Ophelia follows Marianne to a conference where the spread of an IT network to other schools in Helsinki is discussed. Only after that can Ophelia ask Marianne how she has incorporated the academic research into her class.

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