Primary Geography

A look at three resources for primary geography Resource Review is your solution to finding the best resources for teaching your subject. Whether you’re looking for the latest publication or the most applicable piece of software, we can help you choose. Each week we test out resources around the country and in our studio base at Broadley Studios, London.

Paula Richardson, Head of Global Student Teaching course at the University of Minnesota, introduces three new resources for primary geography:
Teacher Mike Michaels and his class at Wilbury Primary School in London roadtest the Map Symbol Flashcards from the Ordnance Survey
Emma Davey and her Year 4 class from Grafton Primary school in London examine an aerial photo of their school with Our School Jigsaw
Panellists and presenter discuss Woolacombe – A Coastal Study.

Presenter Hermione Cockburn is joined by Paula and panellists: Colin Hynson, a museums educator and freelance writer and Alan Mills of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust.

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