Primary Design and Technology

Three very different design resources get taken for a spin Resource Review puts products to the test in classrooms around the country before discussing them with a panel of experts.

Professor Clare Benson, Director of the Centre for Resource Curriculum Development in Primary Technology (CRIPT) at UCE Birmingham, recommends three classroom resources for teaching primary Design and Technology:
– Mechanical Toys: a set of colourful wooden toys designed to demonstrate the mechanics of levers, axles, cranks and cams supplied by TTS Group Ltd
– Learn and Go controller box with built-in memory from Data Harvest
– The Primary Subject Leaders’ File from the Design and Technology Association, DATA.

Patricia Coxhead from St Edwards RC Primary School in Marylebone tries out the mechanical toys while Alison Tanner at Darrick Wood Junior School in Orpington puts the Learn and Go unit through its paces. The panellists are: Ray Barker, Director of the British Educational Suppliers Association and independent education consultant Adrienne Jones.

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