Interpreting and implementing personalised learning in school Personalisation is sometimes difficult to define exactly. But Charlotte Smith, a Year 6 teacher at Victoria Primary School in Leeds, thinks she’s got it: \”You have to ask not what do I want to teach, you have to ask instead, what do I want them to learn and how might they want me to do that?”.

This programme follows Charlotte and the school’s assistant head, John Crowley as they put into practise their ideas about personalised learning. We see Charlotte running a series of lessons based on pupils producing a virtual tour of a local football stadium and John using a variety of personalisation techniques to teach a lesson about the angles of a triangle. Both teachers give valuable practical insight about translating the theory of personalisation into actual lessons and speak informatively about the way they use group composition and differentiated tasks to introduce a high degree of personalisation into all their teaching. The result, they say, is a high degree of pupil engagement.

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