Primary Coaching and Mentoring: Focused Feedback

How one MFL co-ordinator benefits from coaching and mentoring Former policewoman Jane Fanshawe has been teaching at Holy Cross RC Primary School for under four years, but she’s progressed rapidly to become MFL co-ordinator.This programme takes a look at some of the professional development that Jane receives to help support her in the new role.The school’s previous MFL co-ordinator Maria Nicholson is mentoring Jane through what’s involved in the role, especially her forthcoming coaching session with the deputy head – her first ever as coach.Their discussion covers a wide range of factors involved in a successful coaching process, taking in viewpoints from both the coach and coachee. The programme follows Jane into a coaching session, where she plans with Andrew James what the focus of his lesson observation will be. Maria is on hand to mentor Jane through her approach during the observation. Following the lesson observation, Jane gives Andrew feedback, closely watched by mentor Maria, who in return feeds back to Jane on her coaching technique.

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