Primary Assessment for Learning – Speaking and Listening: Year 2

Year 2 pupils build on their peer and self assessment skills Year 2 are building on their peer and self assessment skills acquired in Year 1. A visit from ‘The Queen’ in the form of their class teacher hot seating provides them with inspiration for their own presentations and writing tasks in the course of the day. The aim of the hot seating is to get the children asking high level questions to inform their own speaking and listening.
Children present a piece of formal writing, reading from the front of the class – an invitation to a royal party which the rest of the class then peer assess. Class teacher Anna Bruck assesses children’s use of technical language in a verbal recount of the making process of their collages of royalty. Teaching Assistant Paola facilitates the Barrier Game intervention to encourage both speaking and listening skills with a child learning English as an Additional Language. Year group teachers meet up regularly to work on common strategies for assessment for learning.

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