Primary Assessment – APP

A teacher is moderated on the APP assessments Exam-based assessments indicate a pupil’s abilities at single point in time. In a bid to provide teachers with a broader picture of pupils’ abilities, the QCA has launched a new form of assessment for primary schools.
Assessing Pupils’ Progress (APP) asks teachers to collect cross-curriculum evidence throughout each term to indicate pupils’ abilities in core subjects. We follow Year 5 teacher Angie Sykes at St. Monica Junior School in Southampton as she assesses her pupils. Geography provides Angie with examples of pupils’ creative writing. Guided reading sessions allow her to assess pupils’ reading and understanding. As APP is based on teachers’ judgements, it is important that the grades each teacher gives are moderated. In addition to in-school moderation, Angie attends an external moderation session to compare her marking with that of other teachers in the LEA. APP feeds back into classroom teaching, allowing teachers to respond to individual needs highlighted during assessment.

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