Preparing for the Global Era – The Prime Minister’s Global Fellowship

An exploration of how globalisation could change education The Prime Minister’s Global Fellowship is an innovative project giving UK students an insight into globalisation. 100 school leavers go to India, China or Brazil in the summer holiday after they leave school, to experience the commerce, culture and education systems of these rapidly globalising societies. When they return to the UK, the Fellows become ambassadors for the idea of globalisation, speaking to school students, educators, business people and others about their experiences abroad.
In this programme, we see several Fellows after their return, talking to people at all levels of the education system, the Board of Directors of the DCSF, a QCA curriculum conference and a Student Voice conference held at Warwick University. The Fellows communicate the clear message that we in the UK need to understand the new global economies that are shaping our world, or we’ll get left behind.

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