Positive Relationships

See the benefits of an EYFS unit working positively with parents Ebrima (4) and Aeryn (5) are at different stages within the school years of the new Early Years Foundation Stage. Both attend Oakwood Primary, Leeds, a school with high mobility that works hard to form meaningful relationships with children and parents.

We talk with Ebrima’s mum and Aeryn’s dad about their perceptions of the setting. Are they included as partners in learning and do they welcome initiatives that make them welcome in the setting every day?

We look at the relationships Ebrima and Aeryn have with adults and children throughout the setting. Ebrima needs support and nurturing from key person Angela having only been away from her mother for a few months, but Aeryn has moved on and demonstrates how positive relationships with a whole range of practitioners support her control of her own learning.

Professor Chris Pascal from the Centre for Research in Early Childhood helps to unpack the EYFS document and relate it to the everyday experiences we see.

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