Points Mean Prizes

Bayley discovers an award-winning KS4 teacher’s learning strategy Ever heard of the Star Game, Pass the Envelope, or Spanish Catch? Until he spent a frenetic day at Hove Park School with Mirella Jerez-Rios, the SE winner of the 2005 Outstanding New Teacher Award, John Bayley hadn’t either. Dividing her classes into competing teams, where points mean prizes, Mirella harnesses her students’ competitive spirit to enthuse them into learning and practising their Spanish without them realising they are being taught.

First John observes her teach a small Year 11 class and then a Year 10 revision class. They may object at ‘revision again’, but revision Mirella-style is anything but mundane.

An expert at making the most creative use out of simple resources, Mirella reinforces their learning through a varied series of games and activities, making one powerpoint slide and a page of a text book the jumping off point for a diverse, energetic, and challenging double lesson.

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