Planning Work

The candid views of TAs as they plan and carry out their work This programme shows how teaching assistants at The Earls High School in Halesowen plan the lessons for which they have to provide classroom support.

The teachers at The Earls use yellow planning sheets to communicate their lesson objectives and curriculum information to the TAs. They also have regular learning support team meeting.

Advanced skills teacher Ann Cruickshanks describes how effective liaison between teachers and TAs provides valuable classroom support to students with special needs. Head of curriculum and learning support Ros Bartlett explains the necessity of effective lesson-planning. A folder of information about the students, departments and the curriculum is given to each practitioner to assist with planning their work.

Headteacher Tom Johnston describes the value that effective planning can have for the whole school. Throughout the programme, the teaching assistants candidly discuss their issues as they plan and carry out their work.

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