Planning a KS3 Geography lesson

Teachers must plan a lesson from some mystery objects We challenge young geography teachers Stewart Dear and Katie Bush, and their head of department Paula Cooper, all from King Edward VI Five Ways School in Birmingham, to plan and teach a creative lesson on climate change using four very different resources selected for them by subject experts and delivered to them in a special box. Can this intrepid team manage to teach out of the box?

The experts, Professor John Thornes of the University of Birmingham and Kate Amis of the Royal Geographical Society have high expectations for the lesson: Professor Thornes stresses the importance of including science in geography lessons, while Kate Amis talks about the way in which unusual objects can spark off real creativity in the classroom.

But the young teachers, helped by their head of department, are up against the clock as they plan a lesson to excite and engage their students. Will they deliver on the experts’ wishes? And more importantly, what will the students think?

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