The latest in cutting edge physics is examined Presented by physicist Dr. Laura Grant this film looks at some of the most cutting edge physics in the UK. In Oxfordshire, the Diamond Light Source is a giant particle accelerator the size of five football pitches. Here particles are accelerated to generate brilliant beams of light from infra red to X rays. At the Rutherford Appleton Lab is the biggest and most powerful laser in the world – the Vulcan Laser which creates energy through fusion.

One of the hottest markets driving physics research today is the demand for a perfect visual display. At Imperial College in London plastic electronics is a rapidly growing platform technology, and plastic can be used as a semi conductor. It can emit light or conduct electricity.

Physics is crucial to our understanding of the solar system. At Astrium Laboratories in Stevenage physicists are designing an ExoMars Rover which will be the most sophisticated robot ever built.

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