PFI – Friend or Foe?

A focus on working relationships at the Hadley Learning Community With PFI projects having a poor reputation in the tabloid press, a showpiece £60 million development like the HLC attracts a lot of attention. Under the PFI process, a local authority enters into a long term relationship with a construction consortium to build and run a school for 25 years. Getting the relationships wrong could have far reaching consequences!

PFI ‘Friend or Foe’ Explores whether the relationships built at the HLC are a marriage made in heaven or a partnership doomed to failure. The Principal at the HLC is a key figure in making the PFI contract work to the advantage of both parties. How best to spend £5 million on ICT for the school is just one of the major decisions she must make with Interserve Plc, the company building the school. Dr Gill Eatough discovers that she has quite a lot of clout when it comes to getting a good price from her suppliers.

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