Personalised Learning at Primary – Talk to Learn

How discussion-based dialogic learning can benefit primary pupils Year 6 teacher Lesley Dennon encourages talking in class. Using a technique she has pioneered over the past six years, called Dialogic Talk, Lesley teachers her pupils that all opinions are valid. We follow Lesley as she encourages her class to develop ideas verbally based on a discussion of the early twentieth century poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes, and see the importance of pupil-to-pupil dialogue in personalised learning.

The pupils at South Milford Primary School in North Yorkshire suggest a number of plot developments and alternative endings not contained within the original text. The programme also follows a new teacher as she works with Dialogic Learning for the first time and examines how the technique can be developed and refined by recording the pupils’ contributions on video and playing them back in class to stimulate more discussion.

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