Part 4 – The Verdict

The culprit is revealed as the teachers reflect on the project Year 6 have become crime scene investigators in a science project to discover who stole some trophies from a school shed. They’ve established a list of suspects from the staff and gathered and investigated evidence that links each of the suspects to the crime. Using specially supplied testing kits they’ve performed their own DNA tests to determine which of the suspects is the culprit.

In this final programme all the suspects are brought before Year 6 and the children present their evidence. Only the DNA tests undertaken by the children will confirm the identity of the culprit. The test results are back from the lab! The culprit is revealed, arrested and lead away by the police, to the huge delight of Year 6. In the second part of this programme the teachers have a chance to look back on how successful the project has been, how well the activities served the science and what they’ve learned from running a crime scene investigation.

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