Part 3 – Wednesday: The Blood Pressure Expert

Blood pressure is measured in a work-related stress study The staff at Kings Langley Secondary School near Watford have bravely volunteered to take part in this world-first experiment for Teachers’ TV. Hermione Cockburn and a team of scientific experts descend on their school for a week to monitor and evaluate the stress levels of the workforce and attempt to answer the question ‘How stressed is their school?’

It’s Wednesday and in this third episode, Hermione is joined by blood pressure expert Dr Nadia Wager. Nadia explains how she has been remotely monitoring teachers’ blood pressure and tells us how stressful jobs can lead to heart problems. The team continue to monitor the staff volunteers in their roles across the school. Dr Mark Hamer, an expert in the impact of psychological stress on health, helps analyse the biometric data that we are collecting.

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