Part 2 – Staying Focused

Castle Vale School continue to become more sustainable We challenged one school to go green in one term. Can the head, Clive Owen, and his NQT ‘green champion’, Jordan Kelly, get the staff and pupils to stay on track and deliver on the ‘quick wins’?

For Castle Vale Secondary School in Birmingham being environmentally friendly hasn’t been high on their agenda to date, but now, with our help, this is all about to change.

In today’s episode it seems that attitudes are beginning to chang within the school community. Pupils are charged with the responsibility of switching lights off and recycling paper, and a system of ˜naming and shaming teachers who waste energy is put in place. But it becomes apparent that what seems easy on paper is harder in practice, and after an energy report arrives it’s clear they need some guidance before they invest in any energy and water saving measures.

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