Part 2: Building Progress

Using APP to monitor KS2 pupils’ retention of maths skills Continuing our four part study of the pilot version of Assessing Pupil Progress, our primary teacher works on plugging the gaps in her KS2 pupils’ maths vocabulary.

Following some gap analysis primary teacher Jackie Nicholls, of Dickens Heath Primary School in Solihull, runs a lesson designed to get her class to apply the numeracy skills gained in the previous lesson. Jackie sets her year 5 pupils a series of musical mathematical tasks and investigations that centre around their maths vocabulary. She gathers evidence based on how much of the previous lesson her students can now apply in practical tasks. Note that current advice is that schools should apply APP to all their pupils, rather than the benchmarked small group approach here, and to capture and identify smaller amounts of evidence, without using portfolios.

With help from APP specialists Donna Wright and Louise Burnett, she begins to re-evaluate her level judgements.

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