Part 1 – Planning the Crime

An innovative task turns Year 6 pupils into forensic scientists Four primary teachers plan an innovative way of engaging the children’s interest in science. The project exploits the excitement of a real life crime scene investigation. It will require Year 6 to behave like real forensic scientists and demand a lot of imaginative planning. Jane Turner from The Science Learning Centre, East of England, has run projects like this before and assists the teachers with the planning.

The group discuss how to choose a suitable crime, how best to set up an appropriate crime scene within the school and how they might involve other staff and the local police. The teachers recce the school to find a suitable location for the crime scene and then discuss planting suitable evidence. They begin to draw up a list of likely suspects from the school staff and they discuss the science that could be used in the children’s investigations. The programme concludes with a dramatization of the crime and the children’s first reactions as they arrive at school.

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