Part 1: Introduction to the QTS Numeracy Test

What to expect in the QTS Numeracy Skills Test for trainees What is the QTS Numeracy Skills Test and why do trainee teachers have to take it? What questions can they expect and how should they answer them?
Maths consultant Malcolm Shay introduces the QTS Numeracy Skills Test and explains how trainees can?t become qualified teachers without passing it. Although most teachers pass first time and nearly everyone passes it eventually, many trainees still worry about taking this test.
In this introductory video, Malcolm explains the purpose of the numeracy test, which is taken on a computer, and he shows some examples of the different kinds of questions . He looks at the mental arithmetic test, in which a pre-recorded voice reads out questions which have to be answered within a certain time, and at the on-screen ?written? questions on interpreting statistics and general arithmetic.

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