A primary school visits the Theatre Royal in Newcastle A Newcastle primary school goes to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to see ‘Cinderella’. Before the performance, they are taken on a tour backstage, and participate in a drama and costume workshop.

Like many large theatres, the Theatre Royal in Newcastle organises education workshops and special events for school parties, with the aim of encouraging young people to take an interest in their work. The visiting school is taken on a tour to look at some of the scenery, props and backstage technology used for the production of the pantomime. Then there is a drama workshop, where they learn about the principle characters. They get the chance to dress up in some of the costumes and stage a grand tableau. Afterwards, they join the audience to watch the full performance of ‘Cinderella’. As an aside Cinderella’s ugly sisters talk about the history of pantomime and its relevance to modern audiences.

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