Out of the Classroom

Year 3 teacher learns to control behaviour outside the classroom Behaviour guru Sue Cowley, works with Baz Barrett, a Year 3 teacher at Ward End Primary School in Birmingham. Sue and Baz discuss the issues he faces when taking children out of the classroom. We see a typical PE lesson with the class, where the children’s behaviour becomes disruptive when they move out of the classroom environment and into the open space of the PE Hall.

Sue looks back at this PE lesson with Baz, and they discuss a variety of strategies he could use to help manage and improve the children’s behaviour during their PE lesson.

Her suggestions include:
– how to focus the children before they even leave the classroom to go into the PE hall.
– how to gain the children’s attention quickly at the start of the PE lesson.
– some simple techniques in re-gaining the children’s attention at any point, once the lesson has started.

Two weeks later Sue visits the school to see how behaviour patterns have improved in Baz’s PE lesson.

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