The greenhouse club which grew and grew The Writhlington School ‘Greenhouse Club’ was set up in 1994 by Simon Pugh-Jones, a former engineer who is now Head of Physics.

Pupils from Year 7 through to 13 are involved in the project and many are given their own roles and responsibilities from growing to pollinating orchids.

The pupils make contact with established professionals in the field and some of the 12 year olds are even carrying out research which is usually undertaken at PhD level.

Simon Pugh-Jones explains how the children became involved, what they do and what they gain from being members of the club. He describes the opportunities this project has given the school and where he envisages the school moving forward with the project.

He outlines the links the school has established with Kew Gardens and The Eden Project, and what travel to Brazil and Costa Rica has meant to his pupils.

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