OFSTED! The Musical

Extracts from the hit Edinburgh Festival show ‘I have been through two Ofsteds and this one I am ready to laugh at,’ says a headteacher arriving for a special performance of Ofsted the Musical! filmed for Teachers’ TV.

Ofsted the Musical!, written and performed by drama students from Hull University, combines musical numbers, sketches and satire to depict the madder side of a school undergoing an inspection. The writer David Byrne was inspired to write the show after having experienced three inspections as a school pupil.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival performance received rave reviews which resulted in sell-out shows for the duration of the run, with packed audiences made up of teachers, headteachers, inspectors and ex-Chief Inspector of Schools, Chris Woodhead.

This progamme includes excerpts from the production and comments from an invited audience of teachers, headteachers and comments from a ‘mystery’ inspector.

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