New Term

Following the difficulties of daily life in two West Bank schools This unique series shows the daily lives of two ordinary schools in Nablus in the West Bank. Over the first month of a new term we observe King Talal boys school and Hajja Rushda girls school as they struggle with the extraordinary pressures of life in Palestine under the Israeli occupation. The series opens with the optimism of the first day of a new term – but a teachers’ strike gets things off to a bumpy start. We follow both headteachers as they cope with the huge pressures on school places and angry parents desperate for places for their children. But their worries don’t stop there. In a city plagued by frequent violent street battles between youths and the Israeli army, the head of the boys’ school is worried about his student’s safety. Many of his pupils have been killed and imprisoned in the conflict in recent years and we follow one of his pupils as he is reunited with his younger brother, released after six months in prison without charge.

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