New Pay Scale

Everything you need to know about TLR payments The introduction of a new pay restructuring scheme, replacing Management Allowances with Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payments is still sending tremors through the world of education. In the long term will they be a good or a bad thing for teachers?

This week we explore TLRs in detail, bringing you all the facts about the pay scheme which has caused such confusion and dismay in schools.

Joan Olivier, a headteacher in Fulham, was one of the first to fully introduce the new payments. We visit her and her staff and hear about the highs and lows of implementing TLRs.

Peter Curran hosts a discussion with the NUT’s Barry Fawcett, one of the most outspoken opponents of the new pay structure, and Bill Simmons, Chief Executive of the National Bursars Association.

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