Neuroscience, Schools and the Future

The impact of neuroscience research on the school-day structure How could the latest scientific discoveries affect schools? Four top scientists have their say.

Dr Terry Whatson of the Open University is first up, suggesting breaking lessons down into 5 separate mini-lessons, something which is already being tried at Monkseaton High School in Newcastle. We then look in more detail at learning, and how Dr Bogdan Draganski of Unversity College London is using jugglers to understand just what effect a teacher can have on a child as they learn. We look at science at work in the classroom, and hear from Dr Jonathan Sharples of The Institute for the Future of the Mind about how to apply the science in surprising ways, before Dr Paul Howard-Jones from Bristol University then takes us back to our evolutionary roots, to look at a whole new style of teaching.

Finally, we look to the future, at a world where intelligence pills are taken before school starts, a notion which is sparking heated debate within the scientific and educational worlds.

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