Monitoring Progress – Moving on

Three Early Years centres share their child-assessment processes A close examination of three complementary forms of assessment. Following assessments without commentary, you can make your own analysis. Each is followed by the comments of the featured experienced practitioners.

At The Hall Day Nursery Oliver plays in the sand and then takes part in a focused number-matching activity. His key person, Jess is observing him throughout the activities and following the sequence we hear from Jess about what she recorded and what was important.

At the Clifton Children’s Centre Millie is playing in the rain. We follow her and Claire her key person as she records her using a video camera. Claire tells us what was important from what she observed.

At Evesham Nursery, Romeo has taken part in a role-play activity where Karen, his key person, observed him. We follow Karen’s conversation with Romeo as they discuss the role-play and Karen conducts an assessment. We hear from Karen as she explains the process of the assessment.

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