Monitoring Early Progress

Discover various assessment methods at three Early Years centres Clapham Manor Children’s Centre understands the importance of assessing the children to ensure that they are developing and progressing to their full potential. We follow Tammy as she uses complementary forms of observation and record-keeping including extended narrative notes and photographs in order to track and monitor several children’s progress.

The Hall Day Nursery uses an extended written form of assessment, a PLOD (Possible Lines of Development). We follow Jess as she observes Oliver to inform his PLOD.

At the Clifton Children’s Centre as well as the more formal methods of assessment they are also using video cameras to record observations. The programme follows Claire as she records Millie playing in the rain. The centre also edits the footage so only pivotal moments are kept to form a record for other practitioners and the parents. The programme also looks at how the cumulative information from assessments is used to support and improve the whole setting.

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