Mick Waters – Making Learning Irresistible

Mick Waters talks about how to inspire both teaching and learning Making Learning Irresistible is an inspiring conference session led by ex-Head of Curriculum at QCA Mick Waters, talking to 200+ teachers from a Surrey secondary school and its feeder primary schools. In two parts, it’s a refreshing and informative session which is often very funny and gives participants a chance to stand back and think about how they teach and how children learn.

Firstly Mick takes a look at the future of teaching aand learning, and the impact of technology on the classroom. He then considers what children need to engage them in their learning. Then he looks at how we label young people according to attainment targets and behaviour. Mick examines the relationship between knowledge and skills and considers fruitful contexts for learning inside and outside the classroom. He makes links between the skills children practise in the early years and what they need to be able to do as they get older and look towards the world of work and higher education.

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