Michaela Strachan

Michaela Strachan leads an RE: Religious Education lesson on animal hunting Wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan draws on personal experience as she teaches an RE lesson at an inner city school about the rights and wrongs of hunting.

Michaela Strachan is best known for her work as a wildlife presenter on shows such as Elephant Diaries and The Really Wild Show. She now lives in South Africa, but has come to an inner city school in the UK to take up ‘The Teaching Challenge’ with a KS 3 RE class.
Michaela leads a passionate discussion on animal ethics, focusing on the controversial issue of hunting wild animals, and raises a number of moral dilemmas for the class to contend with.
As they move through the scenarios, discussing their reactions to each one, Michaela draws on her personal experience to offer an insight into the reality of hunting. The RE teacher, who usually takes the class, monitors Michaela’s progress and gives her feedback on how she gets on.

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