Maths – Building Relationships Between Pupils and Staff

Improving results by building relationships and tracking pupils At Greenshaw High in Sutton maths A* – C GCSE results have improved 28% in four years. The school has introduced compulsory GCSE Statistics for all students, and maths staff are encouraged to contribute resources for the whole department, which promotes team morale. Maths teacher Denis Garvey keeps students engaged with lateral questions. Regular testing and a public display of the top results give students confidence and ensure they stay focused and motivated. Helping keep track of all students is a computerised data-collection system. The C/D borderline students take turns on a scheme in which teachers mark students on how motivated they appear. For the higher performing students, there’s a free lunch to celebrate their mock GCSE results, with money rewards. A Managed Learning Environment ensures students get all the help they need with maths when teachers aren’t there.

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