Maths – A Lesson on Shapes

An uncut lesson on maths through shapes. Year 2 teacher Pritti Poole teaches a maths lesson looking at shapes. By beginning the lesson with a game she engages and encourages her pupils to think about the features of different shapes. Pritti divides her class into three ability groups, each looking at different aspects of shapes, including drawing and recording shapes with right angles, making 3D shapes, and sorting pictures into straight edges, curved edges and both straight and curved edges.
With absolutely no edits or cuts in the recording of the lesson, the programme provides the experience of seeing exactly how the lesson is structured and how the lesson progresses. Through pre and post interviews with Pritti Poole we gain further insight into the make-up of the class, including her thoughts on how she hopes the lesson will go, plus her final thoughts on how well it went.

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