Marvellous Medicine

A visit by a primary school to the Roald Dahl Gallery An inspiring example of the benefits of building a long-term relationship with a gallery, in this case The Roald Dahl Children’s Galllery

Liza Craggs has been bringing pupils from Tanners Wood Primary school in Hertfordshire to the Roald Dahl Gallery for the past five years. Over this time the school has built a good relationship with the galleries education team, which allows sessions to be tailored to her specific requirements.

The gallery aims to bring Roald Dahls’ books to life for its young visitors. There’s a Discovery Gallery where children learn through investigation and an Imagination Gallery where they can find out about shadows, reflections, light and sound.

This programme shows how a visit to the Gallery supports the cross-curricular work Liza’s class are doing around the book ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.

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