Miranda Krestovnikoff helps a teacher reduce her weekly marking Miranda Krestovnikoff comes to the aid of another teacher, this time for some advice on marking. Natalie Nicholson, an MFL NQT+1 in Norwich, wants to know how to reduce her weekly marking and spice up her feedback.
Miranda’s first stop is Hazel Bennett, a teacher of thirty years and author of ‘The Ultimate Teachers Handbook’. She suggests using travel time to get some work done.
Next, she heads to the Tate to meet up with Adrian Searle, chief art critic for The Guardian and former teacher. He suggests being creative with comments, being balanced and open minded and trying to push students out of their comfort zones.
Finally Miranda calls Phil Hyde, an MFL Advanced Skills Teacher in Lancashire, for some final tips on ploughing through marking. He says she should set out clear criteria for student tasks and focus only on those criteria.
Will this advice help Natalie get her weekends back?

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