Making Meetings Fun

Transforming governor meetings into fun and engaging events Two governing bodies demonstrate a range of techniques that can transform dull governor meetings into fun and engaging events.

At Wybourn Primary School in Sheffield chair of governors Keith Crawshaw and headteacher Joanne Bradshaw carefully plan the agenda and structure of meetings to create an open and engaging atmosphere.
A number of strategies such as small group discussion and tours of the school are employed to make meetings relevant.
At High Storrs secondary school in Sheffield, chair of governors Andy Child and chair of the student matters committee Liz Wilson use different techniques to bring the fun factor into meetings.
Student voice from the school council is an essential part of bringing the meeting to life, as governors, staff and pupils are all involved in key school issues.
And interested potential governors have a trial as an associate, gaining confidence so that new governors are not swamped with unknown issues and daunting jargon.

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