Lucinda Long

A secondary HLTA talks about covering lessons I cover all subjects across the curriculum, delivering lessons to classes where the regular teacher is not available. The lesson is delivered according to the cover sheet left by the teacher, or the class work is arranged by the head of department or another teacher in the case of unplanned absences.

Planned teacher absence can be for various reasons such as meetings, courses, PPA time, CPD, medical appointments and unplanned absences due to illness or emergencies that arise.

TAs that have supported students in my lessons have informed me that they have observed marked differences when I cover lessons, as opposed to a teacher covering lessons. They think this could be due to the fact that it is my job to cover lessons, whereas a teacher doesn’t cover in the same way, i.e. they will usually sit at the front marking. I put more effort in to delivery of cover lessons and they think the students benefit a great deal from this different approach.

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