Local Business Fundraising

Experts show a school how to apply business acumen to fundraising From personalising the initial approach to maximising repeat giving, a whistle-stop tour of advice and ideas on raising money from local businesses.

Expert fundraising consultant David Poppitt and author of ‘The School Fundraiser’ visits Ranelagh Primary School in East London to help them improve their already impressive fundraising. They reveal their tricks of their trade and also have tips for saving money and making it go further. The key message is to develop a symbiotic relationship whereby both school and business profit from the relationship. Ranelagh Primary has such a relationship with a local computer hardware provider and they also have some clever wheezes to supplement their income through lateral thinking. Some of the advice is straight forward, some is sophisticated. We see a PTA parent being taught how to write and address a begging letter, and we learn how important it is to create a positive school image. We hear from school mangers, bursars, professional fun

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