Libby’s Little Tigers

A reception teacher’s five tips on setting rules for a new class John Bayley watches outstanding reception teacher Libby Pryce, who has developed a personal style of behaviour management distilled from thirty years of experience. At work on the first morning of the school year, Libby’s top priority is to ensure that her new pupils feel safe and secure.
The programme offers five tips to prepare children for learning:
Provide familiar activities and encourage the parents to stay until they feel happy that their children are settled.
Build a group identity, establishing the teacher as the leader.
Introduce fun routines designed to focus the children’s attention.
Involve the children in creating the rules to give ownership and allow them to self assess their behaviour.
And finally, teach the sanctions. John also notes Libby’s constant flow of language, as she praises the children and models good behaviour throughout the morning. Two weeks later he returns to find Libby’s rules and routines in place and her ‘tigers happily engrossed in learning.

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