Lesson Planning

Follow a head of history as she plans for a new Year 7 class Planning is a critically important and complex part of teaching and learning. This close-up look at a school’s three-tiered approach to short, medium and long term planning demonstrates how these plans materialise in the classroom.

Sweyne Park’s Head of History, Catherine McCrory, invites us to observe her new Year 7 history class and watch as her plan unfolds through the lesson. She talks through anticipated problems and how she has planned for a class whose skill levels and previous subject content knowledge is unknown to her.

Sweyne Park has been commended for their planning and Deputy Head Andy Samways explains their analytical and reflective ‘iceberg’ model and how this fits into the medium-term planning. In a school which sees planning as an opportunity for professional development, we also see Catherine working with newer History teachers to develop their planning techniques.

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