Learning to be Champions

The early training stages for the UK’s WorldSkills select 60 Every two years young people who excel in vocational skills compete at Worldskills, the global skills olympics. The 2007 event takes place in Japan in November. The British team will be selected from sixty of our best practitioners. Carpenters, bricklayers and car painters will join with graphic designers and beauty therapists to form the UK team. But first they need to prove they are good enough! Formidable standards must be reached in order to compete at WorldSkills.

In the first programme we follow 60 young people at an intensive team building event at a training centre in the Lake District. They’re preparing for the UK Skills selection competition which decides who goes to Japan. Dawn training runs, canoeing trips and sessions on learning styles and neuro-linguistic programming are ahead of them. Training managers recruited from FE, HE and from industry need to be at the top of their game too! They’re given coaching on how to bring the best out of the young competitors.

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