Learning Mentor

Making the jump from teaching assistant to learning mentor This programme explores the role of learning mentors as a career option for Teaching Assistants interested in a broader support role.

Kim Hemans and Sue Rustioni are learning mentors at Crown Lane School, supporting children who have social or emotional barriers to learning. Throughout the programme, Kim and Sue reflect on their roles and the differences between working as a TA and a learning mentor.

Sue starts her day meeting Amy, a school-refuser. Kim has a meeting with her play leaders group, which she established to help younger children cope in a stressful playground.

Sue and Kim then see individual children. Sue spends time with Keaton who has an autistic spectrum disorder, while Kim leads a calming session with Conner to build up his self-esteem.

Kim and Sue then meet with Claire Banks, the school’s inclusion manager, to plan further training, before they run a group for children who need to build their team-playing skills.

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