Leadership in Small Primary Schools – Management

Three headteachers from rural Cornwall share their experiences Small rural primary schools face particular problems relating to their size and location. In the second of two programmes, three head teachers from Cornwall each highlight a common issue that they face in managing their schools.

At Menheniot Primary, Amanda Reynham must manage her time carefully. Working as a teaching head, she has a dual responsibility, both as class teacher and head of the school. This demands careful prioritizing and balancing of tasks each day.

Trenode Primary is in an isolated area. Because of this, it’s a logistical challenge when Gerry Sweet takes pupils out on trips. We see what happens when the whole school goes swimming together.

At Braddock Primary, some pupils and teachers are away on a residential course. Debbie Tregellas shows how she manages her small staff body during this time, making full use of her support staff.

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