Language Support

Achieving inclusion for non-English-speaking students An insight into the dynamic language support work that teaching assistant Valerie Crolle gives to Reception year children for whom English is a new language. She works alongside teacher Sophie Glaysher but also takes small groups of children out of class for intensive support.

Valerie first sits with the class during carpet time and supports some children while Sophie is explaining subtraction. She then takes a small group out of class and gets the pupils to work on a ‘taking away’ song and make books to illustrate it. All the while, she deconstructs the work she is doing and the techniques she uses.

After the session, Valerie feeds back her observations to Sophie and the two of them plan future sessions. At the end of the session, the group comes back into class and share their song, inclusion being the aim of this kind of support work.

Valerie then explores a range of resources that she uses, from puppets, pictures and props to help engage the pupils.

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